I'm Joel, a Sound Recordist, Mixer and Supervisor with 10 years experience in the industry; with diverse broadcast, online, commercial and corporate credits.

Over the last 10 years, I've worked both nationally and internationally, covering nearly every continent - from the top of the Rockefeller centre in New York City, to the sub-zero temperatures of Iceland.

From the more basic setups - sit down interviews and pieces to camera, to the more complex multi-camera and fixed rig setups, using high numbers of radio mics, fixed mics, multiple audio routing etc. I can cater for all job specifications, creating bespoke solutions for each job - whether large scale or small scale.

For all post production needs, I work in an acoustically treated studio with a range of industry standard production / post-production and audio restoration tools which gives me scope to take on more and more post-production duties when the opportunities arise.

They say, 'find a job that you love and you'll never work a day in your life' - I couldn't agree more!


How Can I Help?

Sound Recording

Studio and location Sound Recordist/Mixer/Supervisor with extensive kit

Dialogue Editing

Dialogue editing for scriped film/television - cutting/comping, noise reduction etc.

Post Production

All your audio post requiments fulfilled to any spec - broadcast, online, streaming etc.

Music Production

full tracks/jingles/background music with 15+ years experience of music prodution


A Selection Of Credits

In The Cut

Sound Recordist/Dubbing Mixer/Music Producer

Etihad Airways Safety Video

Sound Recordist

David Feherty & Ian Poulter

Sound Recordist

Watchmen Promo

Sound Recordist

KSI - G-Fuel Commercial

Sound Recordist


Kit Options

Believe in Quality

I believe in using the best equipment available - quality, reliability and reputation are key to successful end product.

Studio, Location, Large or Small

I can streamline to any situation - from smaller bag setups ready for some run and gun, to larger cart-based setups

Production and Post Production

All the tools to deliver high quality audio in both the production and post production world.

Sound Mixing & Recording

Lectrosonics, Zaxcom & Audio Wireless Radio Mics - internal timecoded audio recording available on radio transmitters

Sound Devices, SQN & Zoom multitrack cart and field mixers/recorders - small enough to fit into tight spaces whilst recording multiple tracks

Extensive range of Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sanken & DPA mics - the perfect mic for any given situation

Zaxcom audio/timecode/IFB for cameras and video village - full encription available for secure transmission

Dialogue Editing, Audio Production and Post Production

Acoustically treated studio - allowing the most detailed representation of all aspects of audio

Genelec nearfield monitors and sub-woofer

Universal Audio and SSL signal chain

Pro Tools 10 & Ableton Live 10 - industry Standard and versatile

Izotope RX7, Waves and Fab Filter plugin suites - the best audio restoration and mixing tools available


Whatever your audio requirements, I’m keen to help - from pre to post production, large or small. I can provide a full team of experienced Sound Recordists so don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Based just outside of the M25 in Reading, I’m perfectly situated for those increasing regional requirements whilst being close enough to London for the daily commute.

(+44) 07729 187 358